Is the patron saint of the satisfied lost. It is say that A'Tuin in a shape shifter who can turn himself into a turtle. Much is unknown about this saint.

Some of the stories that have been believed to be acts of A'Tuin.

  • A family was traveling to the next city when they were attacked by a “demon”. In the chaos the youngest child was left under a bush. When a search group was assembled to look for the baby, a turtle appeared in front of the gathered party with the baby on its back. When the baby was picked up the turtle continued on his way and disappeared under a bush. It was said that the baby was unhurt and not hungry even tho the baby had been two days without food.
  • A man so named A'Tuin was a trader of goods and would be a common member of trading caravans. It is said that there had never been anyone lost for more then a day when A'Tuin was in the caravan.
  1. A young lady said that she was guided back to the caravan by a turtle when the caravan left her when she was washing kitchen pots at the river. She claimed that she was not hungry and didn't eat for the next few meals.
  2. Three men were lost hunting when a sudden storm fell upon them, is was said that A'Tuin was the one who found them sleeping under a rock overhang with turtle tracks around them. The men said that they fell asleep due to their stomachs being full. When asked what they ate for the three days they were lost, they said they didn't have anything.

It is unknown where the man A'Tuin was born, raised, or lived. There is no death report and he is said to have gotten lost.