A'Tuin's Pedi-Cafe

A small pedi-cart that has a green canopy that serves various foods, named for A'Tuin the patron saint of the satisfied lost. Even for its small size the cart unfolds to make enough room to sit up to ten people under the canopy.

A'Tuin's Pedi-Cafe is run by Eta Bryson but is claimed not to be the owner.

One can not find the cafe when one is looking for a place to eat, but only when one is lost or unsure of what the path (future) holds. Eta wears a green dust cloak when driving the pedi-cart, in the distance she looks to be the head of a turtle and the cart is the shell.

A'Tuin's Pedi-Cafe has been seen in all areas of Taigus. Eta's cooking is said to be some of the best food in the world and it is filling to the point the one will not need to eat at the next meal (or two).