Name: Eta Bryson

Age: Unknown records dating back 300 yeas have noted of her existence

Height: 5’7.75”

Skin: Flawless caramel

Hair: Espresso, long and straight normally pulled loosely in a silver clip

Race: Unknown (we are all humans, right?) most people believe that Eta is Half-Elf Half-Goddess

Occupation: Cook of A'Tuin's Pedi-Cafe

Place of birth: Unknown

General Appearance

Eta is a very attractive and toned woman whose body flows like a melody as she cooks and serves her wares. A comforting unidentifiable smell seams emanate from her to clam and clarify the minds of her patrons.

Distinguishing Features: Indescribable beauty and comfort

Personality and Outlook: Unknown (Happy?)

Background in Brief: Unknown Is thought to be the wife of A'Tuin