Katchum is a wheat-like grain. While common throughout the country of Loria, near Perosa and Tolouri Rakel the grain takes on a distinctly reddish tint.

Local Foklore credits the russet color to the Vandian Spine and the 'blood' that ran from the great beast when it was slain. In fact, when the grain is in full bloom, the Sanguine river can run red with its pollen - giving it its name.

However, studies by the monks have speculated that the reddish color is a local mutation having to do with strange growth and attributes found in local flora and fauna over the past few hundred years near the Vandian Spine.

Katchum is used to make:

Katchum Red, a deep red Ale that is very sweet

Tulorien Ward- A harder liquor derived fro the Katchum grain. The name comes from the Tolouri Rakel Monastary and the original distiller, Keith Wardlin