Keith Wardlin

Age: 18

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 178 lbs

Human AppearanceEdit

Keith appears like any other of the natives in the Vandien region; fair skin dark brown eyes, dark hair kept long with a stubbly beard trimmed into a goatee. A hand sized 'birth mark' adorns his left side, across his ribcage.

Demonic AppearanceEdit

Keith's altered form is similar in size and general shape. His skin is a gunmetal grey, and appears more like a insect carapace then flesh. He has no hair at all and two solid white horns starting at the back of his skull and coming around in large flat bands to just over his brow. They terminate in blunt chisel tips, serving to give him a halo of bone in appearance. Sprouting from his shoulders are two wings which are translucent black and shaped like an insect's. His brown eyes are now a vivid white-blue.


Keith was abandoned at the Tolouri Rakel Monastery when still an infant and has known no other home than the Church. He has never ventured more than a few miles from the monastery grounds and never really cared to. He spent his youth being taught the word of Elohim, avoiding chores, and stilling sips of the many alcoholic beverages the brothers of Tolouri Rakel brewed. When he turned twelve a strange mark slowly darkened on his left side. This was explained to him to be a birth mark by the old Grand Father, and not to be of any concern, but shortly after Keith was given new duties and assigned as a scribe for the Grand Father's personal use. The new responsibilities segregated Keith from other monk's of his own age and kept him in the company of a church Elder nearly every waking moment. Within a month of his birthmark appearing, a young priest from abroad stop for a short stay at Tolouri Rakel. Within a year, this visiting priest was raised Grand Father by, much to the shock of the Tolouriel Elders. Grand Father Califan's appointment change Tolouri Rakel little on the surface, and to Keith his new position only meant more frequent trips to the monasteries impressive library to hunt down old texts and obscure journals. Deep in the dusty and near forgotten corners of the vast library Keith found an old Bible. It's aged faded pages contained considerable more text than the newly minted books that littered the halls of the monastery and filled the shelves of the gift shop, much of which would be considered heresy by the modern Church