Neckick (NeK-ick)Edit

a domestic fowl that bred for flesh or eggs. Males weigh 5-9lbs and stands about1.5 feet tall most breeds of neckick males are yellow. Females (henni) weigh 8-14lbs and about 2.5 feet tall females can be any shade of brown, yellow or green, all females have a green crest of the upper breast where the name is derived from neck the part of the body and from Ick is the green gem stone that is one of the many stones of horrors in Saint Tigantia's necklace .

Neckick are omnivores, they often scratch at the soil to search for seeds, insects and even larger animals.

Neckick meals live for three to five years, depending on the breed. Henni live eight to 13 years depending on the breed and how many eggs the henni has laid, special laying breeds may produce as many as 800 eggs a year and will live to be 15 or more years.

Keckick eggs weigh about 50 grams.

In most religions it is believed to be a curse and all Gods will dam your soul if you kill a henni before she is five years old, so to avoid being cursed most meat neckicks are male.