Perosa sits at the very edge of the western side of Loria, bordering the Delvenia. The town overall has very little to offer beyond an excess of grain. (Specifically Katchum). The terraced fields in Perosa, while having a shorter growing season, have a particularly high yield. Most of the surplus goes to feeding the city of Eridos and the men who live in the Kalidonian Wilds. Dispite living up in the mountains, the local peaks of the Delvenia seem to provide little in the means of resources beyond stone. This being said, the eastern Kingdom of Loria has minimal presence in a town on the edge of its dominion. &nbsp

Perosa is divided into two major sections due to a surge of interest several centuries back. Trade with the west peaked the Imperial interest, and great amounts of money with spilled into making Perosa into a trading outpost. However, the deal went sour when the mountain passes suddenly collapsed only a few decades after the trading route was established. With the trade routes closed the sudden power Perosa accumulated evaporated almost overnight. The Imperial seat withdrew their funding and the mountain pass was forgotten. All that remains of the old trade route is the paved road leading off to the Imperial Highway.

In recent history all contact with Perosa has been severed. The fall harvest that comes up to Eridos is late, and merchants who peddle their wares to the town have not returned to Eridos. This has sent a wave of concern through the Council at Eridos.