Taigus is the north easterly region of the Gelsin Landmass. The region is considered to be completely isolated from the rest of the planet through mountains, plains of ice, and the turbulent seas to the far east dotted with trecherous iceburgs. Taigus overall is considered to be realitivly poor in resources, and can only support a smaller population in compairison to some of the other regions in the Dutchey. The lands are devided into eigth main political bodies by the native inhabitence; Denoxis, Kalidon, Kell, Naragoth, Loria, Qadesh, Taigus Proper, and Tanouid. The political borders are defined by the natural barriers of rivers, the Delvenia and Ulturin Mountains, the Itharian Plains of Ice, The Calsinian Sea and The Veil's border.