The CompactEdit

The accord of his grand holiness The Elohiem, said "Here forth on this day forward, the realm of mankind shall belong to mortal beings alone."  However his reverence is the emboidment of fairness, h

Artist vision The Tower of Light that not mortal may set foot within.

is verasity is absoltute, and wisdom profound.  His Benevolence gave the Olem a choice, "All immortals must leave these lands or forsake their immortality," and thus the great exodus began from the Dutchy.

Then with great equity he judged his heavnly host must humble themselves to the servitute of humanity, and don the mantle of mortail.  Thus they would bound to Ophde Goral, the wheel of fate, and chained to the cycle of rebirth.

Effects of the CompactEdit

When the drecree had been made by the Blessed One the Exodus begain.  Great caravans of all types of Olem left in vast numbers, leaving behing towering cities, laberyinthine carverns, and empty forest.  However not all elected to leave so peacefully.  Many hid themselves aways in the cracks of reality, but


Fire and flood filled Olem cities, purging field and forest alike.

others called war upon the host, and set forth the 9 Years of Fire and Flood when the earth was scoured clean, and the inquisitions of mankind ferrited out the roots of Olem burried in the realm.. 

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