The Lands of mist include three different countries that all surround the great Volcallian Sea. Due to several unique environmental conditions the lands are shrouded in perpetual fog. The main factors that contribute to this phenomina are the wind patterns that occour when cold air from the pole are funneled down the Delvinia and Vandien Spine and then Hit Yoragel's Wall. The cold air one hitting the wall tends to swirl around in the southern part of Taigus and settle over the Volcallian Sea. This constant flow of cold air in combination with the heat of the volcanic inner sea creates a morphic blanket of obscurity that spans three countries and over one thousand miles.

The three countries within the lands of mist; Denoxis, Kell, and Taigus Proper, actually use the fog as a political border when determining sovereignty with other nearby countries. Throughout the centuries there have been several border towns that have actually changed their nationality because of a shift in the wind patterns. Most of the bordering nations have a set agreement with the countries in the land of mist, and this unique situation is really of very little concern to the average citizen, except when dealing with the border to Qadesh.

Villages are generally not founded near the Qadeshian border. On occasion there will be a village that is close enough to the edge of mist, that a sudden change in the winds will expose it. At this point no one really knows what happens, but when the winds shift back all that is left is an abandoned village with no inhabitants. There are hundreds of ghost towns that dot that landscape of the western borders of Kell and Taigus Proper, and they serve as a very vivid reminder to not live to close to the Qadeshian border.