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The Light of Tolouriel appears as a simple and rather plain tall pillar candle. The only obvious oddity about this item is that it never melts or diminishes in size. The candle is in fact ever burning, however that is far from everything that it really is. Legend says that anyone holding the candle can speak only the truth, and throughout history the relic has been sought after to settle great disputes as well as to serve justice. For hundreds of years the candle had been passed around from hand to hand in secret as a private tool to be used for various reasons, and not all of good intention. However, in the last century the candle finally found its way home to one of Tolouriel's few remaining sanctums and has been safeguarded by his monks.

The Light also has other properties, not all of which have been discovered.

Known Properties:

  1. The holder is compelled to speak only the truth.
  2. The candle emmits a minor protection field
  3. The light is everburning (not flameless)
  4. The candle provides a magnifying effect of certain types of divinations spells, and allows casters to use the candle's caster level check instead of their own when casting certain spells
  5. The light confers an implement bonus when casting light, truth, fire, or some divination magic.