The Loglia has bewildered people for countless generations. This seemingly benign and sluggish river is shrouded in myth, legend, and a invokes a healthy dose of fear. The river flows uphill, draining water from the Calsinnian Sea. It creeps over rocks and hills, and falls up cliffs to meander towards it's mountainous destination.

Some citizens of Kell use the river for transport, but as the river flows upstream into Qadesh all traffic halts. For the brave bold and foolhearty however, the ever vigilant sentinels that tower either side of Verakai Point serve as a reminder to the furthest the Veil has receeded. No one really remembers who built the sentinels, but their message is clear, "This is the point of no return."

Of course there are always those who ignore sane reason and attempt to sail upstream to the river's source, but no official record exist of any survivor. Perhaps thought there is someone out there among the people of Taigus who has pearled the river, for there are rumors that the rain falls into the sky where the Loglia meets the high mountains and flows into the Kegalian Plains.