The Rose of Loria is the celebrated princess of the kingdom of Loria, and the reincarnated spirit of Saint Loriana Elaine Eloheim, the patron of justice. Lorianna is credited as the savior and founder of the holy state of Loria. Throughout history she has been known as the embodiment of just governance. While she is known to be kind and compassionate, her arbitration over affairs of state can be absolute and strict.

The Rule of Loria The governing body of the royal council defers to the will of the princess while the throne of Law is occupied. Her rule is considered absolute while she holds office, however the royal council acts as regent to the land in times of Lorianna's absence.

The Rite of Rebirth The Rose of Loria like all saints is bound by the Edict of Gallentine, and is forced to lead a mortal life, thus her followers and the royal house work in tandem. Upon her death, the Proclimation of Rebirth is issues, and priest