Roads constructed of stabalized soul material. The Screaming Roads were made for the armies of hell to traverse the capricious landscape of the Terminus. Regarding the assult of the Dutchey of Elohim, the road has been constucted by utalizing the local inhabitents of recently annexed areas and periferal territories rather than importing them from the central kingdoms. This has proven to be much more economical considering the abundent supply of unclaimed souls available for harvest in the Dutchey.

In order to maintain the roads form, the Boraga induce the humans into a semi catatonic state so that they do not dissapate in the Terminus. Once hell has properly begun to annex an area the catatonic state wears off showcasing the screams of all the people that are made aware of their state of being.

It is said that if you hear constant screaming in your dreams, hell is at your doorstep.