STATIS: On Holiday

Tolouriel is known to be God's Patron saint of truth. He held a firm belief that all of mankind had the undeniable right to know the truth of life and the universe. Despite his nobel intentions, his sister Tigantia felt that he was nieve and would bring hell to the doorsteps of the Dutchey. Through clever subterfuge she convinced all of the heavenly host that the day of Feast and Rememberence was one day early than it actually was, however she spoke not a word to her brother. While eveyone gathered for the celebration she ventured to her brother's citidel.

While Tolouriel is said to be able to see through all lies, he has never been able to see through the guise of his sister's face. Tigantia burst into Tolouriel's meditation chamber weaving a story of suspecion. She pleaded that The Council of Enris had found a loophole to the sovernty of the Ductchey's borders where the crack of reality touched the realms of hell. "Where the shadows are darkest their eyes are ever watching," said Tigantia. Whether it be out of blind love, simple nievity, his sister's prowess, or something more, he followed her after hearing her plight. They traveled to the Ends of Tzel deep under the waking land, and there she left him wandering the corridors seeking the ever watching eyes.

After sealing Tzel she attended the Feast, and was beset with questions as to why she did not arrive with her brother. Her responce was simply, "He's on Holiday..."