Kassik over five years manages to unite the northern city states and povinces in the war-torn frozen reaches of Kalidon. With this new found force he has begun to press into the upper territories of Loria and Oskovis. Initially the war parties raided for supplies, however in recent history he has started to take new territory including farmland and some smaller townships.

These incidents have recently come to the attention of the international community when Kassik took control of a northern pass leading from Loria to Taigus Proper. This has spurned a forceful reaction from the Lorian Imperiel Seat to include multiple platoons of infantry to deal with the occupation. What the imperial seat did not know was that the occupation of Taltrim Pass was mearly a cleaver diversion to occupy the armies of Loria while Kassik took his real prize, the country's bread basket, the Vandien Shield.

Upon arrival Kassik to the doorsteps of Eridos, Kassik encountered quite an unexpected supprise, a second army that was looking to claim the very prize he sought himself.